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Crimescene Computer

Ensuring the Web is Secure

Cyber crime hits the headlines on a regular basis and online fraud is threatening to erode the public's trust in the Internet. Thursday's track, Ensuring the Web is Secure, tackles the threats to and the defences of the World Wide Web with invited speaker sessions scrutinizing the impact of security on the individual, on business and on society in general.


MAD Oracle's Chief Security Officer, Mary Ann Davidson, will deliver the day's keynote speech. She has responsibility for security evaluations, assessments and incident handling and will focus on the internal measures Oracle uses to ensure they are secure.

Speaker Session

The morning's speaker session, Global Services, examines the role of the Internet in our global infrastructure, as crucial as oil pipelines and trade supply routes. What are the clear and present dangers and how can we defend ourselves against them?

PHB Phillip Hallam-Baker is principle scientist at VeriSign, a provider of infrastructure services for the Internet and telecommunications networks, and an expert in phishing fraud. In the afternoon he examines the threat posed by today's increasingly sophisticated cyber criminal and the new wave of security measures the IT industry must put in place to restore confidence.

PK Paul King is senior security advisor in Cisco's corporate security programs organisation. He advises on both internal and external security matters, from specific threats to policy issues, and works very closely with the financial and government sectors. He will be speaking on the latest Internet threats to e-business and corporate security.

Paper Tracks

Thursday's refereed paper tracks see security, privacy and sound guiding ethics as an essential part of a successful World Wide Web. They will highlight practical tools and techniques, guide business adoption of security technology and inform related government legislation.

Dining Room

Evening Event - Chief Security Officers Dinner

This invitation only event, sponsored by Verisign, will provide an opportunity to informally discuss the content of the day and to interact with other executives and senior security personnel. Invitees will be selected from the registered delegates.

Some of the WWW2006 Speakers along with other Senior Executives from a variety of companies will have the opportunity to enjoy pre-dinner drinks and a sophisticated 3-course meal at the elegant Balmoral Hotel, in a private room with spectacular views of Edinburgh Castle.


Various ticketing options are available, including a One Day ticket should you wish to attend just this theme day. For more information, please see How To Register.

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