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The Next Wave of the Web

The 'New Wave' investigates the next wave of capability for the web, the semantic and pervasive web, and how these will transform society over the next decade. It will scrutinize the cyber future for business and industry and show how the commercial world is adopting and adapting the latest academic and industrial research.

Plenary panel

TBL Director of the World Wide Web Consortium and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be delivering the plenary address on the next generation of web technology.

Speaker sessions – the Semantic and Pervasive Web

NS Nigel Shadbolt, professor of artificial intelligence at the University of Southampton will present the latest developments from the semantic web and its potential impact on the commercial world.

JD Other speakers will address the successes of the early adopters of cutting edge semantic Web technology and the challenges they have faced. They include John Davies, leader of the next generation web research group at BT, Richard Benjamins, director of innovation and R&D, Intelligent Software Components (iSOCO) and Gartner research VP, Alexander Linden.

Speaker sessions - Networks, Devices and Applications

The latest Web developments will cause an explosion of access points for information gathering and open up a new range of services to the customers of the telecoms industry.

CJ Nortel's CTO (EMEA) Geoff Hall, AT&T Labs' David Belanger and Candace Johnson, founding president of Europe OnLine, the world's first and largest Internet via satellite operation, examine the opportunities that lie ahead for telecommunications and how they are preparing to meet the challenge.

Paper tracks

The refereed paper tracks and tutorials cover ontologies and tagging, mobile web navigation, semantic Web technologies, multimodal applications and architectures and services for ubiquitous web access.

Edinburgh Castle

Evening event

A welcome reception is to be held at Edinburgh Castle this evening and will include a buffet meal and drinks. The reception is included in the passport fee, for day delegates or those wishing to bring guests the cost is £50 pp. Children under 18 years of age can attend for free.


Various ticketing options are available, including a One Day ticket should you wish to attend just this theme day. For more information, please see How To Register.

Full programme information can be found on the SEKT programme page.

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