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Business Success and the Web

The opening day, entitled Business Success, will have a strong commercial focus and explore the impact of Web-based innovation on advertising, publishing and the media as well as e-commerce and more traditional business models. Speakers will include giants from the WWW technology and communications sectors and delegates are expected to include CIOs, IT directors and decision makers from the public and private sector.

Opening address and keynote

DB Following opening addresses by Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Jack McConnell, Scottish First Minister, the keynote speaker will be Sir David Brown, chairman of Motorola.

Speaker sessions

Throughout the day our invited speakers will explore the implications and applications of web technology through a series of individual presentations, panel discussions and questions from the floor.

GK Egg founder Mike Harris will reveal the secret to creating successful web-based businesses along with MSN's Gillian Kent, 3i's Patrick Sheehan and Tao Yang from Ask Jeeves.

TF The speakers analysing the impact of the Web on business include Tim Faircliff, general manager of Reuter's digital media business, Dr Richard Smith, chief executive of UnitedHealth Europe and former editor of the BMJ, and Reed Elsevier's Nick Baker. Wunderman's CEO David Sable will examine the influence of the Web on advertising.

DB Our Globalisation session extends the Internet model of global connectivity. It focuses on the impact of the Web on the provision of services and how it can allow businesses to be fast, flexible and responsive. Rajeev Suri from Infosys and Capgemini's CTO, Andy Mulholland, will promote the use of international resources via the Web to tackle commercial problems and business issues.

DB The non-profit organisation Kendra Initiative is organising a speaker session on the impact of the web on digital media distribution. Their session will include presentations UK Film Council's Pete Buckingham; the International Webcasting Association's Peggy Miles; Paul Jessop, CTO for the International Federation for the Phonographic Industry; and Kendra Initiative founder Daniel Harris.

Workshops & Tutorials

DB Our all-day Current Best Practices in Web Development and Design tutorial will provide a survey of contemporary design & development technologies and how they can serve you. Attendance provides credit towards World Organisation of Webmasters Certification.

Conference workshops will cover a range of topics, including providing IPTV services over WWW, the human-centric aspects of mobile computing, Internet crime and ways to stop it, how governments can deliver services through computer technologies, best-practice tools and applications for future Web application development, and the dynamics of the blogosphere.

Evening event - CIOs' Dinner

TBL Balmoral Hotel The UK's top IT directors will have a unique opportunity to meet World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee at the WWW2006 CIOs' dinner at Edinburgh Castle. The invitation-only, black-tie dinner, sponsored by Siemens, will be attended by leading IT Directors and Chief Information Officers from both the private and public sector.

The Deputy First Minister for Scotland, Nicol Stephen, will be hosting the event and Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be speaking on the next generation of Web capabilities and taking questions from the floor.

The dinner will be a prestigious opportunity for the UK's most prominent CIOs to debate the future applications of the World Wide Web and participate in top-level networking. The evening begins with a champagne reception at 7pm and a guided tour of the Scottish Crown Jewels, followed by a gourmet meal in the Queen Anne Room.


Various ticketing options are available, including a One Day ticket should you wish to attend just this theme day. For more information, please see How To Register.

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