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Michael Wheatley

Speaker Photograph of Michael Wheatley

Michael is an experienced software company executive, with over 20 years ' experience in senior technology, sales, marketing and general management roles, working in Europe, America, the Pacific Rim and South Africa. He led Brightware, a US-owned start-up, from zero to $8 million turnover in two years and has more recently completed the successful turnaround of an ailing Cambridge technology company.

Michael Wheatley has also worked for Durham University Business School, Leeds University, Plessey, Shell International and Inference. His business expertise is underpinned by a strong technology background, an M.Sc. in computer science and an early career in software research.


The thieves' kitchen

What happens when all the carefully nurtured information your organisation gathers escapes beyond the firewall? Michael Wheatley, chief executive officer of Internet intelligence company Envisional, offers an insight into some of the weird - and sometimes downright scary - things that take place out in the darkness of the "deep Internet". Way beyond the limits of the World Wide Web, far out of reach of our familiar search engines, lies the shadowy realm of chatrooms, peer-to-peer networks, auctions and private message boards. Out there, traders offer customised phishing kits for any bank you care to name and stolen credit card details are bought and sold for just $5 a head. You can even order a tailor-made Trojan to target one particular company. If you think you know about Internet crime today, treat yourself to a chilling glimpse of what tomorrow will bring.

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