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Simon Perry

Speaker Photograph of Simon Perry

Simon is the publisher of Digital-Lifestyles.info, an online publication that reports on convergence and the digitisation of media. It is widely read by those who work in the many industries touched by this, as well as many worldwide via Google News.

He knows a thing or two about computers, and probably three or four about technology in a wider sense.

Brought up on a BBC Micro B, breaking its keyboard playing Acornsoft's Defender and occasionally writing programs on it, he became hooked on technology. Some said obsessed. Back in those days, they couldn't see the point of it.

Getting involved with IBM PCs when they launched, twisted his thinking and he did strange things like teaching the US Navy how to program in dBase.

Entering the online communication world when 1200/75 baud modems were thought of as racy, he became involved in running a FidoNet Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) running on cloned PCs.

Some years later, on leaving Kingston Poly, he entered the world of finance, coding a Foreign Exchange trading system for Chemical bank, that handled several hundred million dollars of trades a day - the sort of thing it was possible to write by yourself in those days. After running Special Projects at CSFB in the late 80s, he left that world, realising that it was ultimately hollow.

Working in Silicon Valley in the early 90s and spending a fortune on Compuserve opened his eyes to the Internet. Returning to the UK in the pre-browser days he founded two successful Internet businesses following a number of years working as a strategic consultant to organisation such as British Telecom, Tesco, Tokyo Mitsubishi and The Wellcome Trust.

Simon carried out his first live multi-camera Webcast in 1996 and subsequently founded LemonTV. By combining technology and film experts, it became an award-winning leader in broadband-delivered interactive video, working with companies as diverse as the BBC, Virgin and receiving Channel 4's first broadband commission.

Simon has keynoted at and chaired many public conversations around the digitisation of media including IBC, the Royal Television Society and Broadcast Asia. He is frequently asked to comment by the media - print, radio and TV - on the subject too.

He's widely known as being over-modest and not blowing his own trumpet. He can't find it within himself to write something that portrays him as an expert.

He's very proud that his wife Sally recorded Tim BL's first ever audio signature on a Psion 3 for him at WWW95.

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