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Andy Mulholland

Speaker Photograph of Andy Mulholland

Andy Mulholland, Global CTO for Capgemini, joined the organization in 1996 with thirteen years of experience in senior IT roles. An early pioneer in PC/network technology, Andy's focus on information technology, as opposed to traditional computing, brought him international recognition for Internet-based technology. He has published five white papers in the last six years and proposed technology architectural models, three of which have become the norm throughout the technology industry, including the concept of Adaptive IT.

Andy's current role includes advising the Capgemini management board on all aspects of technology-driven market changes. He serves on the technology advisory boards of several organizations and enterprises, including Cal IT (the Californian State Technology Board), and has been or is a director of various industry boards including the Open Mobile Alliance and the MIT Supply Chain Group, both working on approaches and standards for the mobility and sensors market. He is a fellow of the British Computer Society and a director of the Open Group, the main forum for introducing services-based business approaches.

He is particularly knowledgeable on the alignment of IT technology with business objectives and focuses on improving the communication and use of information in business processes. This expertise is of great importance in defining Web services and IT governance models, two areas requiring hybrid business and technology understanding. He has worked in all major industry sectors on strategic initiatives to deliver business advantage from technology. Andy coined the name ‘Techno Business' to describe the new forms of technology generated business formats, such as eBay.

An experienced senior executive with strong skills in the strategic, tactical and management aspects of technology, he has been the founder or co-founder of four technology companies that have either been acquired by leading multinational technology companies or gone public on the small capital NASDAQ.


Business Cases for using the Web based technology

There is an increasing rate of natural convergence between people and technology that together is laying the foundations for fundamental change. The Web has already changed the behaviours of a large proportion of the population in terms of their ways of getting information, entertainment, or even social interaction, but there is still a disconnect in the way that Business views the use of IT inside the business and the web outside. Fortunately there are an increasing number of examples that show the way to CEOs to build new businesses using different models to create shareholder value, and an increasing number of departmental business managers are seeing ways to combine internet connectivity with web information to trade with external customers and suppliers more effectively. This presentation examines what business managers at different levels can, and are gaining, from using the Web to create successful new business cases.

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