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Atanas Kiryakov

Speaker Photograph of Atanas Kiryakov

Atanas Kiryakov is founder and head of Ontotext lab of Sirma Group - a Bulgarian software house. Ontotext is a leading Semantic Web technology provider with applications in KM, Semantic Web, EAI, Business Intelligence, e-Government, telecommunications, life sciences, media monitoring and online recruitment.

Kiryakov joined Sirma as a software engineer in 1993, he joined the board in 2000 and founded Ontotext in the same year. His current research interests are in semantic annotation and search, large-scale semantic repositories and reasoning, (upper-level) ontology design, information extraction, IR, object consolidation. He is an organizer and a member of program committees of a number of international forums and author of more than 20 articles and book chapters.


Scalable Semantic Web Technology for Recruitment Intelligence

Two Semantic Web tools (OWLIM and KIM) will be presented. We will also feature a real-world application JOCI (Jobs and Contact Intelligence) which provides tangible business intelligence in the recruitment domain.

OWLIM is a high-performance semantic repository based on Sesame, which supports light-weight OWL reasoning. OWLIM Fast (the in-memory version) can handle tens of millions of statements with upload and inference speed of tens of thousands of statements/sec. OWLIM Big can be manage billions of statements still at speeds of thousands of statements/sec.

KIM is semantic annotation, indexing, and retrieval platform. It uses robust information extraction algorithms (based on GATE) for analysis of unstructured text content, ontology population, and semantic annotation. Using OWLIM together with information retrieval (IR) technology, allows KIM to provide unmatched analytical power, combining reasoning, structured queries and full-text search. Its most advanced features include co-occurrence analysis and popularity timelines.

JOCI, now branded as INNOVANTAGE INSIGHT, (http://www.innovantage.co.uk) finds, classifies and structures jobs published on corporate websites. It uses focused crawling with classification and information extraction to gather information from 360,000 (soon to rise to 510,000) corporate web-sites in the U.K. to provide an up to date knowledge base of job vacancies and other information. INSIGHT uses KIM for semantic annotation and advanced search. The availability of the information that INSIGHT provides is a real leap forward for anyone in recruitment – corporates, job boards or agencies. For the first time they can understand what is really going on in the online market rather than having to guess. The product will continue to be developed and start to aggregate jobs from job boards and other sources.

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