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Candace Johnson

Speaker Photograph of Candace Johnson

Candace Johnson is an international telecommunications expert and entrepreneur, and one of the 50 most powerful businesswomen in Europe. She is co-initiator of SES ASTRA and SES Global, one of the largest satellite systems in the world. She is also the founder and president of Europe Online, the world's first Internet via satellite network and is the founder of the continent's first independent, private trans-border satellite communications company, Teleport Europe-Loral Cyberstar.

Candace has played a revolutionary role in European telecommunications. She has long campaigned against monopolies in the industry and has been particularly influential in the areas of deregulation and convergence of media. In this role she was the founding president of the VATM, Germany's Association of Private Telecom Operators. In addition, she is founding President of the Global Telecom Women's Network and serves on the boards of numerous companies and committees across Europe.

Candace has been honoured for her contributions to advances in telecommunications across Europe and America. She has a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Communications Awards as well as honours from the Luxembourg and German governments. She holds masters degrees from the Sorbonne and Stanford University and graduated with a bachelors degree from Vassar College.


Internet Zero will transform and re-invent the web yet again. It will make possible communication between all networks, devices, and applications. Instead of typing in the URL of a certain company, service, or product, we will just type in the generic word on our mobile telephone, pda, television, or fixed telepone and immediately be connected to the company, service, or product we want.

Already today, refrigerators, heaters, security, navigation and entertainment systems are connected to the web. It is only a matter of time until humans (themselves connected to the web) will learn how to best take advantage of the era of "always-on", "always connected". When we combine this with Nanotechnology, energy, and bio-technology, we may indeed be able to "change the world."

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