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John Hurley

Speaker Photograph of John Hurley

Dr John Hurley is senior manager and distributed software and systems integration group head (DSSI), grid evaluation and implementation, at the Boeing Company. He is responsible for the development and implementation of Boeing's grid technologies.

He is also the current editor-at-large for GRIDtoday Publications and a coordinator of the UK–China research collaboration on automation, computing and manufacturing for the Boeing Company.

John is a member of the Global Grid Forum (GGF) advisory committee and has served as judge for the 2005 IBM North America grid scholars' challenge. He serves on the editorial advisory board for the publication From Technology Vision to Business Advantage: The Emergence of Clusters, Grid and Service Oriented IT.

This year John was an invited reviewer for the National Science Foundation's DDDAS initiative (Dynamic Data Driven Application System) and a production grids enterprise and research panelist at the GGF16 conference in Athens. He is a member of the Boeing information architecture advisory council.


Ongoing advances in the Web, hardware, middleware and networking continue to drive new demands and expectations for solutions to complex applications by a variety of user communities. Computing no longer remains the sole domain of the applied sciences and engineering communities. It has now become critical in non-traditional applied fields such as journalism, humanities and in resources as cool as Xbox and PlayStation, and by movie studios as diverse as Dreamworks SKG, MGM, WB and Disney. As a result, the caretakers of the necessary technologies will also require a broad range of advanced skills (e.g., security, systems integration, middleware, communication and networking) on the new Global stage. Resource management is critical to achieving a number of necessary goals, but also brings some unique and special challenges in this new era of globalization. In the presentation, we look at some of the qualifications, expectations, obstacles and opportunities facing the Next Generation Workforce in solving global problems with global resources.

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