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Richard Hull

Photo of Richard Hull

Richard Hull is director of network data and services research at Bell Laboratories, a division of Lucent Technologies with research interests in the areas of data and information management, including web and converged services. He is co-author of the book "Foundations of Databases" (Addison-Wesley), has published over 100 journal and conference articles and has presented keynote talks at a variety of international conferences on Web services and database technologies. Before joining Bell Labs he served on the faculty of computer science at the University of Southern California.

Hull's current research is focused on pervasive computing, personalization, and web services. He has been instrumental in developing and transferring new technologies into Lucent's product line, including a policy engine and a data integration tool. In the Web services area he has been active with the Semantic Web Services Framework (SWSF) consortium, and has developed foundational results on automated composition of semantic web services.


Building Blocks for Telecom and Web Convergence and Personalization

The Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and its realization in the web services paradigm holds the promise of enabling the rapid creation of rich combinations of web services. A kind of "parallel universe" is emerging in telecommunications, based on an all-IP core network, the SIP standard, and the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards-based framework. This talk describes key functionalities that are being created on top of SIP and IMS, to enable the rapid creation of rich combinations of blended, real-time communication services, which may incorporate web services, streaming services, and messaging. Specific topics include data and identity federation, policy management, and session orchestration.

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