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Lee Epting

Speaker Photograph of Lee Epting

Lee Epting is the Vice President of Developer Operations for Nokia, supporting the world's largest wireless developer community for the world's largest mobile phone maker.

A developer relations professional with 17 years experience in the technology sector, Lee is an expert at creating programs that attract and retain developers. Prior to joining Nokia, she helped build the Palm OS platform at Palm Inc., and then joined Handspring.

At Handspring, Ms. Epting launched the Springboard expansion platform for Visor handhelds, launched a wireless development platform for the Treo handheld communicator and created Handspring's Enterprise Alliance program.

At Palm, she recruited, managed and supported Enterprise ISV partners for the Palm OS platform, such as SAP, Oracle, Remedy, Lotus and Computer Associates.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Santa Clara University and is also a graduate of Santa Clara's International Business Degree Program.


Enriching the Mobile-Browsing Experience

Today millions of people browse Web sites with their mobile devices, but there is still plenty of room for growth. Nokia's new Web browser provides users with a true Web experience and industry-leading performance. Gone are the days when the lack of JavaScript™ support kept users from accessing Web e‑mail or browsing Web pages. With advance authoring techniques such as dynamic HTML, we can have desktop-like browsing experience on the mobile device.

Nokia's browser is based on platform-independent open-source components that enable developers to modify and advance the browser and port it to other mobile-phone platforms. This capability will not only bring full Web-browsing to many more mobile phones, but it will also establish a common reference implementation against which content developers can test. The smartphone market is expected to continue its fast growth, reaching close to 100 million units in 2006, so there are many exciting opportunities for the developer community to explore.

Forum Nokia Vice President Lee Epting will describe mobile browsing's emerging trends and technologies that will enrich the value proposition for all members of the value chain - from consumers and operators to developers and aggregators.

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