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Michael Brodie

Speaker Photograph of Michael Brodie

Dr. Michael L. Brodie is chief scientist of Verizon IT. Verizon is one of the world's leading providers of communications services and the largest provider of wireline and wireless communications in the United States.

Michael Brodie works on large-scale strategic Information Technology (IT) challenges. His primary interest is in the optimal use of IT, with an emphasis on emerging and advanced technologies and practices to enable organizational and business objectives, including organizational change. In addition to computer science, he has investigated the relationships between economics, business and technology and computing-communications-entertainment-business convergence. His long-term industrial research focus is on advanced computational models and architectures and the large-scale information systems they support. He is concerned with the 'big picture', business and technical contexts, core technologies, and 'integration' within in a large scale, operational telecommunications environment.

Michael Brodie has authored over 150 books, chapters, journal articles, and conference papers. He has presented keynote talks, invited lectures, and short courses on many topics in over thirty countries. He is a member of the United States of America National Academies study Technical and Privacy Dimensions of Information for Terrorism Prevention. He is a member of the board of six research foundations, on the editorial board of several research journals and on the advisory board of several European and Asian research projects.


The SOA Yellow Brick Road: Drawing the Curtain on the SOA Wizard

Service-Oriented computing, currently in its infancy, is not just the next generation of computing, but also part of the greatest leap forward in computing history, involving revolutionary improvements in the design and management of all aspects of computing, but more importantly in business benefits such as greater flexibility at lower cost. This talk, based on one of the largest production Service-Oriented Architectures, presents the real state-of-the art compared to proponent's claims, and outlines outstanding fundamental research and development challenges, including semantically enabling SOA required to realize the promises of SOA.

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