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Jeff Barr

Speaker Photograph of Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is responsible for furthering awareness among software developers of the opportunity to innovate and build businesses using Amazon Web Services. Launched in July 2002, Amazon Web Services exposes Amazon.com technology and product data that enables developers to build innovative and entrepreneurial applications on their own. Barr meets regularly with developers in the U.S. and internationally to introduce Amazon Web Services and to help them build businesses and applications with the program's services. He joined Amazon in August 2002 as a senior software developer on the associates team.

Applications built using Amazon Web Services range from enhanced associates sites that advertise products from the Amazon.com website to integrated solutions for retailers selling merchandise through Amazon.com. Developers make money by earning referral fees from their associates sites or by charging users for the applications they build.

Barr has a longstanding interest in Web services and programmatic information interchange. He has held development and management positions at KnowNow, eByz, Akopia and Microsoft, and was a co-founder of Visix Software. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from American University and completed graduate work in computer science at George Washington University.


Amazon Web Services provides developers with the ability to access Amazon's robust technology platform to enable and enhance applications. AWS has rolled out eight different services enabling customers to innovate and build on-line businesses to make money. Jeff Barr, Amazon Evangelist, will provide an overview of AWS with a high-concentration on our recently launched service, Amazon S3 --- Simple Storage Service, which is storage for the internet and designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers. Amazon S3 provides users the ability to store and retrieve information at any time, utilizing the same scalable, reliable, and inexpensive data infrastructure that Amazon uses.

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