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An XML based architecture for Web 2.0 applications

  • Daniela Florescu, Oracle, USA

Track: W3C

Slot: 16:00-17:30, Thursday 25th May

There is no agreed upon definition of what Web 2.0 is but everybody has a personal definition. This talk will describe our interpretation of how a new generation of applications on the Web will be built. It will look at the current architectures and see why they do not satisfy the requirements of Web 2.0 (as we understand them). It will explain why we believe that Web 2.0 applications will rely on XML not only for serialization but as a fundamental underlying information model. We believe that there will be no more (or very little) Java or SQL code in this new generation of applications. Unfortunately the existing XML stack of technologies isn't complete at this point. In the talk we will also list the extensions we think will be needed in order to fulfill the goal of an XML-based declarative information hub as a fundamental architecture for such applications.

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