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Topic-Oriented Query Expansion for Web Search

  • Wang Shao-Chi, Yahoo Japan Corporation, Japan
  • Tanaka Yuzuru, Hokkaido University, Japan

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The contribution of this paper includes three folders: (1) To introduce a topic-oriented query expansion model based on the Information Bottleneck theory that classify terms into distinct topical clusters in order to find out candidate terms for the query expansion. (2) To define a term-term similarity matrix that is available to improve the term ambiguous problem. (3) To propose two measures, intracluster and intercluster similarities, that are based on proximity between the topics represented by two clusters in order to evaluate the retrieval effectiveness. Results of several evaluation experiments in Web search exhibit the average intracluster similarity was improved for the gain of 79.1% while the average intercluster similarity was decreased for the loss of 36.0%.

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