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Verifying Genre-based Clustering Approach to Content Extraction

  • Suhit Gupta, Columbia University, USA
  • Hila Becker, Columbia University, USA
  • Gail Kaiser, Columbia University, USA
  • Salvatore Stolfo, Columbia University, USA

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Track: Posters

The content of a webpage is usually contained within a small body of text and images, or perhaps several articles on the same page; however, the content may be lost in the clutter, particularly hurting users browsing on small cell phone and PDA screens and visually impaired users relying on speed rendering of web pages. Using the genre of a web page, we have created a solution, Crunch that automatically identifies clutter and removes it, thus leaving a clean content-full page. In order to evaluate the improvement in the applications for this technology, we identified a number of experiments. In this paper, we have those experiments, the associated results and their evaluation.

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