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Template Guided Association Rule Mining from XML Documents

  • Rahman AliMohammadzadeh, University of Tehran, IRAN
  • Sadegh Soltan, University of Tehran, IRAN
  • Masoud Rahgozar, University of Tehran, IRAN

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Compared with traditional association rule mining in the well-structured world (e.g. Relational Databases), mining from XML data, however, is confronted with more challenges due to the inherent flexibilities of XML in both structure and semantics. The major challenges include 1) a more complicated hierarchical data structure; 2) an ordered data context; and 3) a much bigger size for each data element. In order to make XML-enabled association rule mining truly practical and computationally tractable, we propose a practical model for mining association rules from XML documents and demonstrate the usability and effectiveness of these techniques through a set of experiments on real-life data [DBLP].

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