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On a Service-Oriented Approach for an Engineering Knowledge Desktop

  • Sylvia C Wong, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Richard M Crowder, University of Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Gary B Wills, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

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Increasingly, manufacturing companies are shifting their focus from selling products to providing services. As a result, when designing new products, engineers must increasingly consider the life cycle costs in addition to any design requirements. To identify possible areas of concern, designers are required to consult existing maintenance information from identical products. However, in a large engineering company, the amount of information available is significant and in wide range of formats. This paper presents a prototype knowledge desktop suitable for the design engineer. The emph{Engineering Knowledge Desktop} analyses and suggests relevant information from ontologically marked-up heterogeneous web resources. It is designed using a Service-Oriented Architecture, with an ontology to mediate between Web Services. It has been delivered to the user community for evaluation.

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