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Generating maps of web pages using cellular automata

  • Hanene Azzag, University of Tours, France
  • David Ratsimba, University of Lyon 2, France
  • David Da Costa, University of Tours, France
  • Christiane Guinot, CE.R.I.E.S., France
  • Gilles Venturini, University of Tours, France

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We present in this paper a clustering algorithm which is based on a cellular automata and which aims at displaying a map of web pages. We describe the main principles of methods that build such maps, and the main principles of cellular automata. We show how these principles can be applied to the problem of web pages clustering: the cells, which are organized in a 2D grid, can be either empty or may contain a page. The local transition function of cells favors the creation of groups of similar states (web pages) in neighbouring cells. We then present the visual results obtained with our method on sets of documents. These documents are thus organized into a visual map which eases the browsing of these pages.

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