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DiTaBBu - Automating the production of time-based hypermedia content

  • Rui Lopes, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Luis Carrico, University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Carlos Duarte, University of Lisbon, Portugal

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Track: Posters

We present DiTaBBu, Digital Talking Books Builder, a framework for automatic production of time-based hypermedia, focusing on the Digital Talking Books domain. As the production of recorded-speech-based Digital Talking Books is currently perfomed manually with authoring tools, it becomes difficult to deliver large book collections to the public. Also, creating specific versions of books to each user profile becomes unfeasible through manual production, as different types of users have different types of needs (e.g., visually impaired people vs. children). With DiTaBBu, we enable the delivery of content in several playback platforms, targeted to specific user needs, featuring powerful navigation capabilities on the content. Also, with its flexible extension mechanisms, we can use DiTaBBu as a testbed for prototyping future capabilities.

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