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Proposal of Integrated Search Engine of Web and TV Contents

  • Hisashi Miyamori, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
  • Zoran Stejic, Ricoh, Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Tadashi Araki, Ricoh, Co., Ltd., Japan
  • Mitsuru Minakuchi, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan
  • Qiang Ma, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan

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A search engine that can handle TV programs and Web content in an integrated way is proposed. Conventional search engines have been able to handle Web content and/or data stored in a PC desktop as target information. In the future, however, the target information is expected to be stored in various places such as in hard-disk (HD)/DVD recorders, digital cameras, mobile devices, and even in real space as ubiquitous content, and a search engine that can search across such heterogeneous resources will become essential. Therefore, as a first step towards developing such next-generation search engine, a prototype search system for Web and TV programs is developed that performs integrated search of those content, and that allows chain search where related content can be accessed from each search result. The integrated search is achieved by generating integrated indices for Web and TV content based on vector space model and by computing similarity between the query and all the content described by the indices. The chain search of related content is done by computing similarity between the selected result and all other content based on the integrated indices. Also, the zoom-based display of the search results enables to control media transition and level of details of the contents to acquire information efficiently. In this paper, testing of a prototype of the integrated search engine validated the approach taken by the proposed method.

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