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CiteSeerX: an Architecture and Web Service Design for an Academic Document Search Engine

  • Huajing Li, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Isaac Councill, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Wang-Chien Lee, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • C. Lee Giles, Pennsylvania State University, USA

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CiteSeer is a scientific literature digital library and search engine which automatically crawls and indexes scientific documents in the fields of computer and information science. After serving as a public search engine for nearly ten years, CiteSeer is starting to have scaling problems in terms of handling of more documents, adding new feature and more users. Its monolithic architecture design prevents it from effectively making use of new web technologies and providing new services. After analyzing the current system problems, we propose a new architecture and data model, CiteSeerX. CiteSeerX will overcome the existing problems as well as provide scalability and better performance plus new services and system features.

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