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Text-based Video Blogging

  • Narichika Hamaguchi, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan
  • Mamoru Doke, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan
  • Masaki Hayashi, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan
  • Nobuyuki Yagi, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Japan

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A video blogging system has been developed for easily producing your own video programs that can be made available to the public in much the same way that blogs are created. The user merely types a program script on a webpage the same as creating a blog, selects a direction style, and pastes in some additional material content to create a CG-based video program that can be openly distributed to the general public. The script, direction style, and material content are automatically combined to create a movie file on the server side. The movie file can then be accessed by referring to an RSS feed and viewed on the screens of various devices.

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