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OWL FA: A Metamodeling Extension of OWL DL

  • Jeff Pan, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Ian Horrocks, University of Manchester, UK

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In the OWL Web Ontology Language, three are sub-languages of OWL; namely, OWL Lite, OWL DL and OWL Full. OWL Lite and OWL DL are decidable and there exist reasoning tool support, while OWL Full is not decidable. As one of the main features that OWL Full provides and OWL DL does not provides is the support of metamodeling. This paper proposes OWL FA, an extension of OWL DL with the metamodeling architecture of RDFS(FA), which is a sub-language of RDFS with a UML-like metamodeling architecture. It investigates the logical properties of the OWL FA language and provide a decision procedures of the knowledge base satisfiability problem of OWL FA. It also compares the FA semantics with the recently proposed contextual semantics and Hilog semantics for OWL.

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