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D2R-Server - Publishing Relational Databases on the Web as SPARQL-Endpoints.

  • Chris Bizer, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • Richard Cyganiak, Freie Universität, Berlin Germany

Track: Developers

The Resource Description Framework and the SPARQL query language provide a standardized way for exposing and linking data sources on the Web. D2R Server is a turn-key solution for making the content of existing, non-RDF databases accessible as SPARQL endpoints. The server takes SPARQL queries from the Web and rewrites them via a mapping into SQL queries against a relational database. This on-the-fly translation allows RDF applications to access the content of large databases without having to replicate them into RDF. D2R Server can be used to integrate existing databases into RDF systems, and to add SPARQL interfaces to database-backed software products. In the talk, we will give an introduction into the D2RQ mapping language, which is used to define mappings between relational and RDF schemata, and demonstrate how D2R Server can be used to extend a WordPress blog with a SPARQL interface

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