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Rhizome: Building semantic applications the Wiki-way

  • Adam Souzis, Limnal Systems, USA

Track: Developers

Rhizome is a Wiki-like content management and delivery system that exposes the entire site - content, structure, and metadata as editable RDF. This means that instead of just creating a site with URLs that correspond to a page of HTML, with Rhizome you can create URLs that represent just about anything, such as: - structural components of content (such as a bullet point or a definition). - abstract entities that can be presented in different ways depending on the context. -relationships between entities or content, such as annotations or categories. Rhizome is designed to enable non-technical users to create these representations in an easy, ad-hoc manner. To this end, it includes a text formatting language which similar to a Wiki's but lets you author arbitrary XML content and RDF metadata. And for developers, this allows both content and structure to be easily repurposed and complex web applications rapidly developed.

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