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ASDL: A Wide Spectrum Language For Designing Web Services

  • Monika Solanki, Software Technology Research Laboratory, De Montfort University, UK
  • Antonio Cau, Software Technology Research Laboratory, De Montfort University, UK
  • Hussein Zedan, Software Technology Research Laboratory, De Montfort University, UK

Full text:

Track: XML and Web Services

A Service oriented system emerges from composition of services. Dynamically composed reactive Web services form a special class of service oriented system, where the delays associated with communication, unreliability and unavailability of services, and competition for resources from multiple service requesters are dominant concerns. As complexity of services increase, an abstract design language for the specification of services and interaction between them is desired. In this paper, we present ASDL (Abstract Service Design Language), a wide spectrum language for modelling Web services. We initially provide an informal description of our computational model for service oriented systems. We then present ASDL along with its specification oriented semantics defined in Interval Temporal Logic (ITL): a sound formalism for specifying and reasoning about temporal properties of systems. The objective of ASDL is to provide a notation for the design of service composition and interaction protocols at an abstract level.


Solanki, M., Cau, A., and Zedan, H. 2006. ASDL: a wide spectrum language for designing web services. In Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on World Wide Web (Edinburgh, Scotland, May 23 - 26, 2006). WWW '06. ACM Press, New York, NY, 687-696.
DOI= http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1135777.1135878

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