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Analysis of WWW Traffic in Cambodia and Ghana

  • Bowei Du, Computer Science Division University of California, USA
  • Michael Demmer, Computer Science Division University of California, USA
  • Eric Brewer, Intel Research Berkeley, USA

Full text:

Track: Technology for Developing Regions

Slot: 14:00-15:30, Wednesday 24th May

In this paper we present an analysis of HTTP traffic captured from Internet cafes and kiosks from two different developing countries - Cambodia and Ghana. This paper has two main contributions. The first contribution is a analysis of the characteristics of the web trace, including the distribution and classification of the web objects requested by the users. We outline notable features of the data set which effect the performance of the web for users in developing regions. Using the trace data, we also perform several simulation analyses of cache performance, including both traditional caching and more novel off-line caching proposals. The second contribution is a set of suggestions on mechanisms to improve the user experience of the web in these regions. These mechanisms include both applications of well-known research techniques as well as offering some less well-studied suggestions based on intermittent connectivity.

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