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The World's WWW Conference

The World Wide Web Conference is the global event to bring together the key influencers, decision makers, technologists, businesses and standards bodies shaping the future of the web.

IW3C2 logoOrganised by the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2) (IW3C2) since 1994, the annual WWW Conference has played the fundamental role of gathering the trail-blazers from the international community to discuss, debate and explore how to shape and develop the future direction of the World Wide Web.

The World Wide Web has transformed society in the way we communicate, learn, trade and govern. We are about to see a new wave of capability added to the World Wide Web that will revolutionise our lives over the next ten years. WWW2006 will be a showcase for these new capabilities.

It offers a unique opportunity for industry, government and the architects of the World Wide Web to meet and debate the global issues we face and help create the future applications for society, public administration and business.

The 2006 conference comes to the UK for the first time, held in Scotland's historic capital at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.


WWW2006 is expected to attract around 1,500 - 2,000 delegates. The audience will be made up of a broad range of interest groups from around the world.

The conference will mix key influencers such as CIOs, IT directors and business decision makers from the realms of commerce and the public sector with a broad array of researchers, technologists and developers from institutions and technology driven businesses.

What unites them is an interest in seeking out new ideas, technologies and strategies to exploit the potential of the online world for commercial and society's gain. It is truly the event to bring the key players together.

Conference Organization

  • General Chairs
    • Leslie Carr, (University of Southampton, UK)
    • David De Roure, (Universiy of Southampton, UK)
    • Arun Iyengar, (IBM J. Watson Research Center)
  • Local Organisers
    • Wendy Hall, Executive Director (ECS)
    • John Darlington, Business Manager (ECS)
    • Joyce Lewis, Marketing Manager (ECS)
    • Simon Harper, Submissions Chair (Manchester)
  • Programme Committee Chairs
    • Carole Goble (University of Manchester, UK)
    • Mike Dahlin (Universiy of Texas, Austin)
  • Developers Chairs
    • Jeremy Carroll, (HP Labs, Europe)
    • Mark Baker, (Coactus)
    • Stuart Williams, (HP Labs, Europe)
  • Tutorials & Workshops Chairs
    • Robin Chen (AT&T Labs, USA)
    • Ian Horrocks (University of Manchester, UK)
    • Irwin King (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
  • Panels Chair
    • Prabhakar Raghavan, (Yahoo! and Stanford University)
    • Marti Hearst, (UC Berkeley)
  • Posters Chair
    • Bebo White (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
    • Weisong Shi (Wayne State University)
  • W3C Chair
    • Marie-Claire Forgue (Head of W3C European Communications)
  • Volunteers Chair
    • John Miller (Southern Cross University, Australia)

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